ANZSYS Conversations

Online presentation and discussion 28 April 2022 more details at ANZSYS Events

Professor Emeritus William J. Reckmeyer, PhD

Bill will share updates from his current research project on Homo Cyberneticus,

Online presentation and discussion 6-Oct-2021 more details at ANZSYS Events

Dr Derek Cabrera

In this presentation, Derek will introduce how, contrary to contemporary thought, Systems Thinking is an emergent property of 4 simple, universal rules of organization that

Online presentation and discussion 8 July 2021 more details at ANZSYS Events

Prof Dave Snowden

A Great Opportunity for ANZSYS and  ISSS conference delegates to engage with a Thought Leader on Critical Systems Thinking

ANZSYS invites all interested in systems thinking and knowledge management, especially CYNEFIN Domains of Knowledge, to join a collaborative venture with David Snowden

Online presentation and discussion 16-Sept 2021 more details at ANZSYS Events

Collin Smith

In his presentation Collin will introduce the upcoming International Roundtable Thought Leadership Report on 'Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects: Rethinking Risk, Opportunity, and

Online presentation and discussion 8 July 2021 more details at ANZSYS Events.







Dr Terence Love

Terence's presentation describes a new Systems approach, Variety Dynamics for analysis,management and control of highly-complex, coercive, unbounded or chaotic systems - and more normal systems.

Online presentation and discussion 2-Sept 2021 more details at ANZSYS Events

Prof. Shankar Shankaran

In this presentation, Shankar will describe how renewable energy projects that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all  are beginning to create ethical and social justice issues in the areas of Distributional Justice, Procedural Justice, Recognition Justice and Cosmopolitan Justice.

Feedback Economics

Economic Modeling with System Dynamics

Editors: Cavana, R.Y., Dangerfield, B., Pavlov, O.V., Radzicki, M.J., Wheat, I.D.

"This book approaches economic problems from a systems thinking and feedback perspective.

Online presentation and discussion 15 July 2021 more details at ANZSYS Events


Dr Roelien Goede

In this presentation, Roelien will describe different ways in which Critical Systems Thinking and Action Research can shape a lecturer's care for students

Online presentation and discussion 17 June 2021 more details at ANZSYS Events

Bob Williams

In this presentation, Bob Williams will describe a team has adapted systems concepts  to the evaluation field. The process included identifying tacit systems concepts and re-framing them to be more accessible to evaluators.