Online presentation and discussion 13 July 2022. More details at ANZSYS Events

Dr Andrea Clark

Collaborations are necessary to address ‘wicked problems’ but are often ineffective due to the complexity inherent in collaboration and their operating environment. This presentation introduces a novel approach that

embeds a Viable System Model (VSM) intervention in a Team Syntegrity (TS) process methodology.

The VSM is used to support thinking about improvements to collaborative working arrangements for effective complexity management. The TS process is used as a conversational tool to harness the multiple perspectives of collaborative partners.

This approach was trialled with a New Zealand based cross-sector partnership, and evaluated to determine the extent to which a TS augmented VSM intervention could address structural complexity, multiple perspectives and marginalisation processes that often frustrate collaborations.


Dr Andrea Clark is an experienced policy advisor, applied researcher and evaluator. She has worked for over 20 years with central government agencies, private businesses and not-for-profit organisations in a range of sectors including social, health, justice, sustainability, education, sports, and Māori development.