Online presentation and discussion 3 June 2021 more details at ANZSYS Events

Bob Dick photo

Bob Dick

Bob's presentation will explore the massive but slow paradigm shift currently under way. From a complexity standpoint, Bob will examine why very successful new-paradigm organisations are almost never imitated, even by their direct competitors.

The session will begin by briefly describing the evidence for the paradigm shift.  It will then overview some successful trail-blazing new-paradigm organisations.  Finally it will explore why they have so few imitators.


Bob Dick is an independent scholar, an occasional academic, and a consultant in community and organisational change. In this work he prefers to use highly-participative and action-oriented processes. To do so he draws on concepts and processes from action research, action learning, facilitation, complexity thinking, and community and organisation development. Bob helps people (including himself), organisations and communities to improve their work, learning and life. He resides in Brisbane's leafy western suburbs with the love of his life, Camilla. For more info on Bob see