Looking for help with System Dynamics in general or Vensim? There are two forums recommended by Bob Eberlein.


If you looking for discussion about System Dynamics and its applications that are not software specific there is a new
forum at: http://www.systemdynamics.org/forum

If you have questions about Vensim or need support in using it, the place to go is the Vensim forum at http://ventanasystems.co.uk/forum/
(also accessible via the Vensim menu item Help>Online Forum).

Bob says he  visit both forums regularly and highly recommend them. They are free, though you do need to sign up in order to post.

From a post by :
Bob Eberlein
Ventana Systems, Inc.
60 Jacob Gates Road
Harvard MA 01541
508 651 0432 Fax 508 650 5422
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