systems thinking logo for Linked-InThere is a new Systems Thinking Group on Linked-In that is the continuation of Systems Thinking World, which for many years was managed and developed by Gene Bellinger. It has the same members and contains the previous content.

The aim of the new Systems Thinking Group Linked-In group is to be lively and productive creating positive energy that helps to spread systems thinking and practice around the world.

This group is part of a network which includes:
* systems thinking on facebook (formerly systems sciences):
* systems thinking and modelling report:
We aim to work fluidly across groups and across platforms, linking them whenever possible.

Group administrators are using a facebook group at
And while we are now debating how many administrators there can reasonably be, people willing to help support this community are welcome to apply. In particular, we are seeking diversity - and we are very aware it is a very male-dominated administrator group at the moment.

To see - and edit - our strategic thinking, constitution, governance, and rules, go to:
Everyone who is a member of the STN Leadership group is now a Manager of this group, and I hope and trust that a similar pattern will continue!

Adapted from an email by Benjamin Taylor on 1/11/2015