The UK Government Foresight Group at the Office for Science has published Tackling Obesities: Future Choices  - Building the Obesity Systems Map This describes the building of a systems map  of factors affecting obesity to help guide choices for future state level and local interventions to reduce levels of obesity in UK populations.

The report describes in detail the building of the systems map and includes the causal loop models through several generations of community consultation. The report also uses systems methods to identify the potential paths for intervention of  the different groups of actors capable of intervention. One of its foci is to identify leverage points at which interventions might be more effective.  The outcomes of the causal loop modelling  of factors and potential intervention paths are related to four future scenarios projected out to 2050.

The report is available from here.

The casual loop models have been available on the web for some time. The report itself (76 pages) has only recently been accessible through Google and is a welcome explanation of the process leading to the models.